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Innovationskredit Hessen

Strengthens innovative and/or fast-growing enterprises and start-ups by means of low-interest loans that relieve the house bank of 70 % of the risk of default

  • Loan amounts between 100,000 euros and 7.5 million euros
  • Funding of innovative and/or fast-growing enterprises with up to 499 employees and start-ups
  • 70 percent release from liability for the house bank

What can be promoted? 

Tangible and intangible investments and working capital of innovative and fast-growing SMEs and start-ups, as well as business transfers.

The term "innovation" is enterprise-related and only one out of 12 innovation criteria must be fulfilled.

What are the terms and conditions?

  • Up to 100 per cent of expenses eligible for promotion can be financed.
  • Interest: Fixed interest rate over the entire term.
  • The current indicative conditions may be found here.
  • The final interest rate is agreed upon with the house bank when the loan is approved.
  • Term
    • Term for working capital financing: 3 or 5 years
    • Term for investment financing: 5, 7 or 10 years
    • Loans with a term of 3 years are bullet loans.
  • For loans with a term of five, seven or ten years, a one-year grace period is binding. For loans with a term of ten years, it is also possible to apply for a two-year grace period.
  • The term of the working capital funding may be three (bullet maturity) or five years. For investment finance, terms of five, seven or ten years are offered.

Where to apply?

The application is submitted via the house bank that can be freely chosen on the relevant forms. Compliance with the criteria for SME or Small Midcap capacity and the fulfilment of at least one of the 12 innovation criteria must be confirmed.

How to obtain funding

Please contact your house bank before starting your project and ask for information and advice. Your bank officer will also provide support for filling in the application form.

Fill in application form(s) together with your house bank.

After a positive examination of the application by WIBank and a letter of commitment your house bank will issue a loan contract.

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