founding & investing Loan


Combination of crowdfunding and Micro Loan

  • Combination of crowdfunding and Micro Loan
  • Loan term years
  • Repayment allowance of up to euros 1,000

What can be promoted?

The loan may be used for any kind of investments and working capital, which are required for the formation, takeover or consolidation of an enterprise in Hesse within the first five years after starting business operations

What are the terms and conditions?

Interest rate: 5.25 % p.a., loan term: 7 years incl. an interest only period of six months.

Additionally, a one-time repayment allowance up to 10 % of the first funding claim (maximum euros 1,000) is provided.

No collateral required. However, we need notarial acknowledgment of debt ("notarielles Schuldversprechen").

Where to apply?

The application is submitted directly to WIBank. Simultaneously with the submission of the application, the project must be presented at startnext.com as a crowdfundingproject.

How to obtain funding

Project presentation on Startnext (crowdfunding)

Simultaneous application to WIBank (Micro Loan)

After successful funding phase, disbursement of funding amount and Micro Loan

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